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Team Kanyin with Team Eco Ardence

Is the West always better? We doubt so. Ken Soong and Michael Soong wrote this book to help you make a decision. On the 29th April 2018, we launched Michael’s book at Eco Ardence. It was a fruitful day as Michael shared his insights related to the book. Hats off to Michael and Ken.

“The future is always brighter in the West!”. That is what our parents always tell us. We are always torn in the thoughts thinking that the West is definitely better. Let this book help you! There are 10 things to consider before making a decision to migrate to the West.

Ken Soong going digital!

Even though Ken could not attend the book launch, he made a video to share his gratitude and thoughts with us at the event!

Our deepest gratitude to the Eco Ardence team for allowing us to co-create a book launch at Eco Ardence.


Click on the book to find out more about Brighter Future in the West, Sure Meh…???

Written by Ken Lim


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