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Hwa Chaa!! In this weeks’ blog, we will talk about Kung-Fu wisdom of successful businesses.


Kung-Fu tip #1: Take up the fight only when you are confident

Picture taken from: The Karate Kid (2010)

With little experience and skill, one may think that he can achieve greatness. But in the end, losing the fight. Take Karate Kid (Jackie Chan’s movie) for example, Dre tried fighting the bully which in the end caused him to lose the fight. After, again and again, Dre finally beats the bully.  From the fight, we can understand that obtaining a substantial amount of experience and skills allows you to be a cut above the rest.

Kung-Fu tip #2: It takes multiple people to break multiple sticks

One bamboo can be broken by a man. But if a man is required to break multiple bamboos, it may prove as a challenge. An easy task can be done single-handedly. However, if we were to be successful in business, we will need to muster help from associates or friends/families. Collaborating with each other and helping each other to be better will get us a step closer to success.

Kung-Fu tip #3: Further refinement of mastery

Picture Taken From: Ip Man 3 (2015)

As skilful as you are, you will still need further refinement in your kung-fu. In the modern society, even if your idea is sturdy and stable, it is essential to look into details and plan accordingly. A business plan will not be solid without proper planning into details.


Kung-Fu tip #4: Think do! Will do!

Mindset determines the outcome. Strong willpower in wanting the business to succeed will enable the strong drive to be successful. Successful entrepreneurs have failed a lot before succeeding. With a strong mindset, FIGHT your way through it!

Kung-Fu tip #5: Use successful leaders as mentors

Picture Taken From: The Karate Kid (1984)

A successful martial artist follows the footsteps of a mentor or master. Learning and practising under the mentor’s guidance will sharpen your knife in combat. Back to current time, picking a successful leader as your mentor will significantly help you in achieving success.


The 5 points are extracted from “Street Wisdom of Successful Businesses” by Howard Khoo. Click the book for more information!

Written by Ken Lim

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