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Before placing our money in the stock market, there are things that we will need to tick off our checklist. We have come up with a few points for you to ponder upon. 


1. Know the risks

Measure your risk before investing. Make sure the money that you will be investing will not be required in the upcoming months/years.




2. Gain the knowledge, trust your judgement

Listening to tips from experts may not always be true as they may be biased. Learn how to invest from the experts and trust your own instinct.


3. Knowing the business model

Learning about the company is not just about the products that they are selling. Learning the company structure from the bottom up helps you create a bigger understanding of the company that you are researching on.


4. Understanding the stages of a company

Similar to a product’s life cycle, a company too has stages similar to the life cycle. Knowing which stage the company is standing at is crucial before you invest in the company.



5. Your choice of investment model defines your success

Losing money is not anyone’s fault but yours. Each decision you made defines who you are. Do appropriate research before stepping in to invest.


The 5 points are taken from “How to Make Money from Your Stock Investment Even in a Falling Market”. Read more by checking the book out.

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