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“Whether you live in Australia, Canada or Malaysia, your life is still lived one day at a time. If you cannot even make your successful day, what hope do you have to achieve success, say, three months from now?”

-Ken Soong & Michael Soong (2018)


Ahh, August, the month of our independence. In commemoration of our National Day, we would like to feature our book of the month, “Brighter Future in the West, Sure Meh…???” written by Ken Soong and Michael Soong.


What is this book about?

Ten Points to Consider Before You Migrate to the West. This book examines the West Means Best Mentality. This exerts its influence in almost all levels of decisions that Malaysians make. Writing from their experiences from moving to the west, the authors came up with 10 points to consider before migrating to the west.


Why we chose this book?

We chose to feature this book in conjunction to National Day because this book shares in-depth points for Malaysians to consider before moving to the West.  It was exciting when Ken and Michael both debunked on “West means Best” mentality and the problems faced when Malaysians are living abroad. Definitely, a must-read for Malaysians who are considering a move to the West.


Click on the book below for more information.

Written by Ken Lim

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