Benefits of Reading and its Downside June 22, 2018 – Posted in: Blog, Lifestyle

Passion for reading is what drives Kanyin. In today’s topic, we would like to discuss the benefits of reading and the disadvantages of reading. Bear in mind, these are our thoughts, and we do not hold any responsibility to any negative thoughts invoked.


1. Expansion of knowledge

Reading expands our thoughts. Sparks new ideas. It develops our knowledge more than we know. While the emergence of social media allows people to learn digitally, we still think that books will enable us to be more focused on the topics that we would like to explore upon.

2. An outlet to release stress

Reading alone allows us to simmer down. Especially when we are reading at night, we sit in our bed and just unwind to a book. Imagine you are in bed, the air-conditioner turned on,  the table lamp lit with a hot chocolate next to it, with your favourite book in your hands. Damnnn, isn’t that relaxing?

3. Zen mode (Aummm)

When we read, we will enter a level of peace and serenity. Just like what we have with the Eco Cars in the market nowadays, instead of “Eco Idle”, we will enter “Zen Mode”. Being in our comfort zone and just zone out and focus on our books gives us a sense of peace and serenity.

4. Quality conversation: Level up!

As reading enhances our knowledge, the topics that we will discuss will be upgraded as well. As our brain expands, we will be interested in discussing more in-depth issues. For instance, instead of talking about Malaysian political topics, we may even discuss deeper topics like “The One Belt One Road Initiative”.




1. Doubts start to creep in

Each author has their own opinions and lessons. Each idea may clash with one another. With cause doubts to infest in us. An example of this would be, author A tells us that we should drink more water while author B tells us to drink moderately. The clash of opinions will spark doubts in words that authors in the future will say.


Oops, we couldn’t think of more disadvantages. One may argue that reading may affect our social life and eyesight. But with proper distribution of time and the way we read, these issues can be curbed. Thus, reading has more benefits than disadvantages. Now, time for the shameless plug, do check out our books like The Dragon Stirs! The Dragon Stirs discusses how One Belt One Road Initiative affects Malaysia.

Written by Ken Lim

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