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Blogging by Million, Earn by Millions: How the young savvies earn millions by Blogging, totally committed to their current job, yet still progress in their career
~ Author: Laura Maya

This book is meant to provide you with a clear overview of Internet marketing through blogging and social networking and also the steps to help you succeed in cyberspace.

A business person relies on acquiring orders, and strives to ensure customer satisfaction. This philosophy holds true for online marketing too. In fact, it is even easier to share know-how through the Internet because communicating through the Internet is quick and convenient.

Knowledge refers to know-how. The know-how provided in this book is meant to help you succeed online and earn your big pot of gold. Equip yourself with Internet marketing and blogging techniques. You will find useful in the future whether you are making money online, or working from eight to five during the week. This book shows you the latest tips and a guide map to Internet marketing and blogging, with support through social network marketing. The simple step-by-step techniques provide an insight into how marketing, blogging for business, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, and selling work together to maximize the potential offered by the Internet to make tonnes of money!

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