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This book is written for businessmen and consumers who are not tax professionals but would like to understand the subject of GST and make strategic decisions on GST implementation.

This book is presented in the FAQ format where pertinent questions about GST are answered. Technical jargons are avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. Bullet points and short sentences make it easier for the readers to understand various aspects of GST. Diagrammatical illustrations and tables of the summary are used to make your reading simple.

This book consists of 3 sections:

1. Understanding GST
– Covers the basic mechanics of GST, compliance requirements and related penalties.

2. Impact of GST and its solutions
– Covers the impact of GST on cost structure, pricing strategy, cash flow, marketing and promotion strategy, employee benefits as well as income tax.
– Explains the GST impact on 18 specialised industries including manufacturing, retail, services, e-commerce, etc.
– Demonstrates the impact of GST on consumers and investments.

3. Preparation for GST
– Covers GST preparation for businesses and consumers.

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