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Speaking To Influence ,


Mastering Your Leadership Voice

When you speak, whether on stage, in a meeting, or on the telephone, do you command the
room confidently and naturally? Are you seen as a true leader? Do you get the full respect you
deserve and the results you want?

If you’re like most people, your response to many of these questions is, “No, but I want to!” The
reason is because we all have a “blind spot”: the gap between how we think we come across to
others, and how we actually come across when we speak. Have you ever had an argument in
which someone angrily said to you, “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it!” That’s the blind
spot, and if you’ve ever been there, then this book is for you.

Full of stories, examples, and exercises for you to try, Speaking to Influence helps you take the
blinders off and see where you’re getting in your own way. Discover the secrets to creating
strong, positive relationships, establishing your best reputation, and achieving your greatest
goals and purpose.

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Sicola, Laura, Dr.