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Uncover Immeasurable Wealth: How Sales Mastery and Bold Financial Planning can help you achieve it
~ Danny Lim

Danny Lim, known in insurance and financial planning as the ‘salesperson extraordinaire’. In this book, he opens up about his difficult childhood and his amazing self-fulfilling career in insurance and financial planning that spanned over 20 years.
The trials and tribulations he had faced when he was younger and later on in life, how he overcame them showcased how powerful a human’s mind can be in the face of trials and tribulations.
His fighting spirits, stubbornness, will power and sheer determination in overcoming these adversities are lessons ought not to be missed by anyone especially one who is also going through the same journey of self-discovery as him. His experience, knowledge and insights gleaned from 20 over years on the field are powerful tools to help you in your chosen career path or even your personal life.

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