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 Ahh… So you are aspired to open an eatery? So you’re confident enough in creating a thriving establishment in 2 years time? YOU MUST BE CRAZY. Coming up with a SUCCESSFUL eatery requires a tremendous amount of time of preparation before coming up with executions. Please do not be tempted by hearing from other owners saying how easy it was for them to break even within a year and starts earning their money back. Not every eatery works the same way. Out of 10 eateries, perhaps only 2 will be lucky enough to be successful. Just last year in Malaysia, we see the closure of multiple cafes in a matter of two months even after their successful run in Subang Jaya alone. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOUR EATERY IS GOOD ENOUGH?


One of the most crucial parts in a business plan is the marketing plan. In this week’s blog, we will look into steps to create an effective marketing plan from You CRAZY to Start a Restaurant by Charles Ho.


  1. Identifying Your Target Audience

Create your target segment, so you are able to focus your attention on these people. By not saturating your target audience, you will be able to know your customer better and have a more effective technique in targeting these people.



  1. Creating a clear message

After learning what they like and how to attract them, it is time to create an impactful message to attract them.


  1. Reaching your target

Now, you know your target audience, you have your message. The next part of it will be where? Which platform best suits your audience? Selecting the ideal platform to attract your audience will work best in forming a positive image towards your eatery. Never lose hold of that.



  1. Prepare to launch your campaign

Most of your details are now complete. The next call to action will be the preparations to launch your campaign. Be it social media or event booths; you need to prepare the necessary things required before launching any marketing activities. Most importantly, be prepared to have negative backlashes to your actions. Thus, developing a PR statement just in case any issue happens, you have a statement to calm the affected stakeholders and work your way from there.


  1. Analysing data & result

After all the meticulous steps, it is time to sit down and analyse the data gathered and the results obtained from the marketing plan. Did the campaign boost your eatery reputation effectively or did it falter and brought in minimal impact to the eatery. Gather these data and use it to plan your next campaign, so you do not repeat the same mistakes.


With these 5 steps, hopefully, it may help you in creating a more effective marketing plan. To learn more about opening an eatery, check out the book “You CRAZY to Start a Restaurant” by Charles Ho. Click on the book below to learn more!

You CRAZY To Start A Restaurant


Written by Ken Lim

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