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Trust in a product creates authenticity. Before we purchase a product, one of the thoughts that subconsciously pop-up in our brain would be, “Do I trust this brand?”. Established trust creates a higher chance of positive buying behaviour. For instance, have you noticed that you will choose Milo over any products even before deciding on anything? Let’s check out a few ideas on how we can build trust in a startup.


1. Eh! It’s you again ah…

Appearing, again and again, shows people that you mean what you are doing. By increasing the frequency of a person meeting you. By doing this, the confidence of the consumer that you are meeting will increase.


2. Show face!

Showing the people behind the scene will appear to people that you are the person carrying your brand! Knowing who is behind the brand forms better confidence between the brand and the people.



3. Let’s work together!

Collaboration with different brands/names assists in increasing awareness. As a startup, we usually start from zero. Thus, to increase publicity, collaborating with known brands would increase your brand awareness.


4. Pay on time or earlier as promised

Action speaks louder than words. When we pay on time, it shows that we keep our promise. This enhances the startup’s brand image.



An appointment set with time serves a purpose. It shows respect to both parties. By arriving on time, You showed that you respect the other party and this increases the trust between parties.


The 5 points are taken from “Now or Never” by Marcus Teoh. Read more by checking the book out.

Written by Ken Lim


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