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  • Adrian Tan

    As a real estate negotiator, Adrian finds joy in matching the perfect home for his customers. However, during this process, he found that a lot of homework goes behind the quest for a perfect home for investors/home buyers and real estate negotiators alike, which sometimes take weeks or month! With the recent focus of public transport policy in Malaysia, a surge in interest for properties located near MRT/LRT transit lines has since emerged. As such, Adrian decided to concentrate his efforts by consolidating all relevant data for such properties in this book with an aim to ease the background work for all parties. He spent more than two years studying the LRT and MRT network in Malaysia, identifying and analyzing the effects of the transport system on properties. Besides publishing the data of his findings through , he also shares his deeper findings and consideration factors affecting property prices through workshops and seminars. To date, hundreds of participants have benefited from his talks.

  • Amy Yip

    Amy graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (Economics & Management) in 1982. She was awarded the ageLOC Global Champion in Dec 2010 for looking the least like mother to her child despite a wide age gap of 32 years, beating 1,500 contestants from 51 different markets all over the world. The award was voted by the New York-based agency Don Jagoda Associates (DJA) to execute its ‘Keep Your Age a Mystery’ photo challenge which itself had also garnered global awareness award, ranked pari-passu with Coca-Cola & Warner Brothers. She was also honored as one of the few inaugural Team Elite Platinum leaders worldwide for growing a healthy solid organization for the year 2010. She appeared on a full page on Singapore Sunday Times INVEST (me & my money) article dated 23rd January 2011 titled ‘Making a Very Healthy Living”. She was the only distributor appearing on the Nu Skin 2010 Annual Report under “Opportunity” page. Amy’s favorite motto is: RUN! Go Double Double! Go MCM! Amy the Lucky Star MCM means Million Dollar Circle Member (in US Dollar). Amy's goal is to help lots of her group members to achieve MCM. Amy looks forward to having a nice book for her children, grandchildren and most importantly to assure her group members and “outsiders” that healthy and happy families are possible with Nu Skin platform.

  • Bob Teoh

    Bob Teoh is a writer. He holds an economics degree from University of Malaya and Masters in journalism from Ateneo University, Manila. He was previously the senior columnist of Sin Chew Daily and chief editor of its English news portal. He was also previously the secretary general of the Confederation of Asean Journalists.

  • Carol Lin

  • Carol Yip

    Carol understands the financial psychology of human behaviour. This is why she has created unique keynote presentations, money skills workshops, professional financial coaching programs and corporate training are specially designed to allow for one’s self-discovery. Some of her unique topics: • Family Wealth Legacy Creation • Living Free With Effective Money Skills for adults • How Parents Teach Kids To Be Smart Money-Users • How to be a Smart Money-Wise Young Adult • Understanding Your Financial Behaviour • Trimming Your Debts – The Breakthrough! • Smart Money-User Program for youth below age 21 • Smart Money Kid for kids below age 12 This Smart Money-User book is recognized as one of the recommended book for the Personal Financial Management module that is conducted in the universities in Malaysia. As part of her work to promote the importance of personal financial literacy, Carol contributes articles, participates in media interviews, public talks to corporate, seminars and education institutions. Carol is a Speaker for Asia Business Forum in Singapore and Hong Kong, Monash University Alumni, TEC Asia Centre, Business Network International (BNI) Conference 2007, The Malaysian Secretaries Conference 2007, The Genome Institute of Singapore.

  • Chan Kee Siak & Ng Heng Thy

    CHAN KEE SIAK Chan Kee Siak started humbly as a helper at his parents‟ hawker stall, and then enrolled in a local college (TARC) after the SPM (Malaysian O-Levels equivalent) while helping customers to repair PCs and building websites on a part-time basis to earn his tuition fees. As he discovered the potential of web-hosting and realized that there was a lack of web-hosting providers in Malaysia when building a website for his customers in the year 2000, at the tender age of 19, he decided to take advantage of the situation and set up his first e-Commerce reseller business, which was 100% Online-based: Business rolled in with hardly a break. Chan grabbed the opportunity, which he described as a „once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity‟, and dropped out of college to concentrate on his online business. In the competitive world of web-hosting, Chan has had a challenging time increasing market share and competing with web-hosts from all over the world. As web-hosting is a commodity business and all competitors were selling identical products, Chan decided to break through, and gave his company the competitive edge by value-adding his products. In 2002, Exabytes Network under Chan‟s leadership won its first award, „100 Most Dynamic Hosting Companies‟. Chan‟s customer base exceeded 10,000 only four years after the inception of his company. In 2005, Exabytes became the biggest web-hosting provider in Malaysia, a position it still holds. Today, Exabytes serves more than 60,000 customers in 121 countries, and manages over 1,000 servers with 60,000 registered domains. Besides the achievement of MSC Status obtained in 2005 and ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2011, on Exabytes‟ 10th anniversary, Chan was honoured as one of the top 30 „Outstanding Young Malaysians‟ (TOYM) as well as „Emerging Entrepreneur‟ in Ernst & Young‟s Entrepreneur of the Year 2011® Malaysia. NG HENG THYE Ng Heng Thye is the founder of, an English-learning website targeted at those who received their education in Chinese schools. An avid reader, his interests include business, biographies, humanities, and languages. Holding to his conviction, “Never afraid to be different,” Heng Thye did not take the conventional path and is today a creative/commercial writer, book Author, and English teacher. In writing, he seeks to inspire through stories using simple language instead of sending direct messages to his readers as he believes that “To teach is to inspire.” Today, he works as a freelance creative / commercial writer cum copywriter for Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd. and is co-owner of other businesses.

  • Charles Ho

    As an authoritative & professional chef, and also an expert on Asian Cuisine, Charles has successfully demonstrated his special techniques and recipes which delighted his audience, including the community of the Western World. By extensively travelling and accumulating the most authentic recipes of all Asian countries, that were prized as family secret recipes, Charles Ho wrote numerous articles and reports on Asian cuisine. He also contributed with his recipes and features on regional cooking ''Home Cooking'' magazine, local publications, newspapers and is currently working on two other cookbooks.

  • Chin Pei Ling

  • Choong Ty'ng Ty'ng

    Founder and Managing Director of Axcelearn Sdn. Bhd., Choong Ty’ng Ty’ng graduated from the University of Malaya with an Accountancy degree. She started her career as a Futures dealer in AmFutures and was subsequently promoted to be the Head of Futures Dealing. During her 5 years tenure in AmFutures, she was responsible in formulating Futures trading strategies up to execution for institutional, corporate and retail clients.

  • Danny Lim

  • Dato' Chua Tia Guan

  • David Ong & Gerard Kho

  • Derric Chew

    Derric Chew is an entrepreneur and a professional coach specializing in coaching newbies in Internet Marketing/Online Business. To Derric, being able to make money online is not the most successful or happiest thing in the world; seeing his students do that is. In fact, that he finds a deeply satisfying and truly great achievement in life. With his ocean-deep and sky-high experience in training and coaching, Derric knows what it takes to train a layman to earn residual or passive income through Internet Marketing/Online Business. According to some of Derric’s former students, he is down to earth and passionate about educating people. Derric is a Certified Trainer (Train The Trainer Certification), Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner by the American Board Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and Certified Timeline Therapy® Practitioner. He is also a Certified Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist.

  • Desmond Ong

  • Desmond Pang

  • Dr Jacquelyn PY Soo

  • Dr. Gan Siew Hua

  • Dr. Paul Temporal

  • Dr. Tang Teck Nguong

  • Edmund Loh

    Founder of Musemancer, an Internet Marketing consulting and Digital Publishing company, Edmund Loh went from a mere reseller and affiliate to becoming one the top Digital Product publishers in the Internet Marketing arena, with hundreds of titles and products created and originated from him. Edmund is the co-author of national bestselling book “Secrets Of Millionaire Students” and author of “Crushing It”. Considered to be one of the top Internet Entrepreneurs in Asia, he had spoken at events for Success Resources, Incitement, Startup Grind, and many more entrepreneurial and Internet Marketing conferences. Edmund has made appearances in the media including The Star, Malaysian Today, and IncomeDiary.

  • Enoch Khoo

    Enoch Khoo has made a name for himself as a highly sought-after property negotiator in East and Peninsular Malaysia. This Sabah lad is beginning to conquer the real estate industry through his company ENK Ventures, which specializes in marketing solutions for developers and property investors. At the age of 21, Enoch purchased his property and upon turning 30, he made the bold decision to give up a lucrative career in Sabah to join the real estate industry in Kuala Lumpur. Despite having no friends nor connections in KL, Enoch quickly moved up the ladder through sheer grit and determination. He subsequently founded ENK Ventures, one of the leading niche consultancies of 360° marketing solutions to assist developers in Peninsular Malaysia to expose their brands and products to the East Malaysian market. Living by the motto “Think Big, Start Small, Grow Deep”, Enoch also shares his thoughts and views on the property market as a regular contributor of Property Hunter. He was interviewed at BFM89.9 (The Business Radio Station) and appeared as a guest on Singapore's Investor Central television programme. In 2013, Enoch was named as one of the Top 20 Property Negotiators in Malaysia by PropertyGuru.

  • Ho Kok Mun

  • Howard Khoo

    Howard Khoo Henn Kuan was born and bred as the grandson of a prominent Chinese migrant merchant in the North Borneo town of Sandakan in Sabah, Malaysia. Before he sold his business in 2011, he was the group Managing Director/CEO of Hing Yiap Group Berhad, a company listed on Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange. Under the leadership of Mr. Khoo, the Hing Yiap Group operated as a lifestyle fashion business engaged in retailing, wholesaling and manufacturing of branded apparels and accessories under the teenager brands of Bum Equipment, Diesel, Unionbay, Antioni and Bontton. It had approximately 700 retail outlets throughout Malaysia and other Asian countries carried out in renowned department stores and company-owned concept shops. The company also ran a large vertically-integrated textile and apparel manufacturing plant which entailed fabric making, material dyeing, fashion tailoring and garment making. In 1997, the company went public under the stewardship of the author.

  • Ian Gawler

    Dr. Ian Gawler, the founder of The Gawler Foundation (, is Australia’s best-known cancer survivor, and the internationally bestselling author of several books on health and wellness. Ian Gawler can be found at

  • Ian Tai

    Ian Tai is an ACCA Graduate and has been investing in Gold & Silver since 2010. Inspired by a quote made by Donald J. Trump, ‘What’s the point of having great knowledge and keeping it to yourself?’, Ian Tai has been on a mission to share his knowledge on investing in precious metals to anyone who is interested in achieving financial security and preserving wealth. In October 2011, Ian launched his 1st book titled “Silver: Secrets to invest and grow your wealth in god-made money instead of man-made money”. With growing popularity, the Updated Version of the “Silver” book was promptly released 9 months later in August 2012 and very quickly climbed its way to be the No.7 POPULAR Bookstore’s Finance Bestseller in October 2012.

  • Jeevindra Kumar

    Jeevindra Kumar is a consultant / financial adviser with a Wealth Management Company from Labuan, operating out of KL. He has many years of experience as an investment adviser as well as an investor / trader himself. With the publication of this book, Jeevindra hopes it will be the catalyst for investors to understand the need to consider the offshore investment world, as well as showing the same investors how they can do this successfully. The primary message of the book is the understanding that the greatest threat to the wealth of a Malaysian investor lies in the currency which they use to determine their net worth, and that there is no way to protect their wealth from this threat without diversifying across a selection of currencies, and to do so in an offshore setting.

  • Jerome Tan

    The failure of my business put me in great debt and I had to declare for bankruptcy. It was hard during the initial period, even my wife left me. Eventually, I realized that it was not the end of life for me. Instead, bankruptcy offered me a way to start all over again. From that moment on, I resolved to learn all that I can from the people around me. I began attending a number of seminars and kept a humble heart, learning from people who are more successful, and I seized every opportunity to come my way; and I was well on the path towards my own success. Today, I am a co-founder of 7 businesses and owned properties that are worth millions of dollars. On hindsight, the hardship I endured was not in vain as I am now given an opportunity to add values to the society and the people around me. This is also the reason behind this book -- is to provide inspirations to all my readers, if I can do it despite my circumstances, I am certain all of us are able too. We are blessed because we have a life, I strongly believe nothing is impossible if you wanted it to happen!

  • Jessie Krieger

    Jesse Krieger was born and raised in San Francisco but spends about 25% of his time in Asia, where his favorite places are Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. During his twenties Jesse has started over five companies and sold the last two. He has lived and worked in over 25 countries and speaks German and Mandarin Chinese in addition to his native English. A graduate of UC Berkeley and formerly a touring rock guitarist, Jesse counts becoming a published author as his most recent achievement. When he is not consulting with clients on lifestyle and entrepreneurship, he can usually be found on a bicycle, pedaling up a steep mountain slope or yelling at the top of his lungs from the peak.

  • JobStreet Team

  • Jonathan Quek

    Jonathan Quek is an exciting entrepreneur, bestselling author, and financial speaker, often quoted by the media as Asia’s Youngest Wealth Coach. As an entrepreneur, Jonathan owns and runs several businesses in precious metals trading, crude oil trading, financial education and training. He is the founder and CEO of True North Asia and director of three other private companies and ventures, Capital Asia Group (Malaysia),, and Financial Youth Intelligence. As a regular guest speaker on the conference circuit, Jonathan Quek has been invited to speak at financial institutions, corporate organizations, education institutions both in Malaysia and internationally including SIAS MoneySense Program, AIESEC, CPA Australia, CIMA, AKPK Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia, Berhad, Genting Malaysia, UOB Bank, Wealth Expo, MSI Summit, Universiti Malaya, University Teknologi Malaysia, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, INTI International University, AIMST University, Metropolitan College, Taylor’s University, Nilai University, SEGi University, Sunway University, and many more.

  • Jonathan Quek & Benny Lee

    Benny Lee is a private trader, trainer, market strategist, a highly sought-after speaker and practitioner of technical analysis for more than 12 years. He has conducted trading and technical analysis workshops, seminars and coaching for private and institutional investors in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan. He is also a CPE (Continuous Professional Education) recognized trainer for the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Benny has also spoken in many international conferences such as GlobOil India, Rubber, Gold and Options conferences in Thailand (AFET), the ASEAN Rubber Conferences, Palm Oil Conference in Jakarta, POTS by MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council) in India, Egypt, Romania, Kuala Lumpur, and many others. He has also presented in Exchange-organized events in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Pakistan.

  • Kanyin Team

    The team of Kanyin Publications

  • Ken Langdon

  • Ken Soong and Michael Soong

    Ken and Michael are born and raised in Malaysia. Ken Soong moved to Australia and is teaching management related subjects at college levels and tutors at the post-graduate level. After Michael obtained a bachelor's degree in Australia, his work has brought him to different countries and now he resides in Malaysia kickstarting his marketing and training company.

  • Lai Seng Choy 赖成才

  • Laura

  • Laura Maya

  • Lee Kim Soon

  • Luke Bong

    Luke Bong is the founder of Influence Mastery and co-founder of the Great Minds Group. He is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Luke conducts workshops, seminars and speaks in conventions and conferences across Malaysia. His clients include large multi-national corporations, government bodies, non-profit organizations, schools and universities. He is a columnist for the Daily Express, Sabah and the New Sarawak Tribune. Learn more about him at

  • Marcus Teoh Zhen Ye

    Hailing from Malaysia, Marcus Teoh droned on for years with soul-searching questions etched on the back of his mind, looking for his passion in life. At the time, he thought Entrepreneurship was his passion but after transforming multiple business ideas into fully-fledged businesses, he soon realized his true infatuation was in teaching. Today, he speaks to, consults and trains aspiring Entrepreneurs, and newly blossomed Start-Ups as well as gives Motivational Talks, Facebook Marketing Training, and shares practical takeaways from his own experience and lessons. He is best known for his “Start a Business with only RM199” (#SWORM199) program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their first business on a bare-minimal capital, and his “Zero Budget Facebook Marketing” (#ZBFM) that helps budding entrepreneurs attract new prospects on the social platform while retaining the interest of existing customers. In addition to business owners he has also serviced and advised property professionals, life and financial planners and marketing executives. He also contributes entrepreneurial articles to business dailies locally and internationally. Marcus believes that being an entrepreneur leads to self-liberation in three aspects: finance, time, and locality.

  • Mr.Tan Kai Hee

  • Ong Juat Heng

    ONG JUAT HENG began her career as a reporter in The Star in the early 1980s. Since then, she has worked as a consultant in a public relations firms; a journalist with a regional magazine; a copywriter in advertising agencies; a lecturer at a private college; and a communications executive in a national NGO, among others. Currently, she juggles her time as a contract and freelance writer, book editor, editor of a regional magazine and conducts Business English courses at corporate firms as well as teaches academic English.

  • Professor Joe Choo Sook Lin

    Prof Joe Choo was elected President of the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences (MINGS) in 2008; a recognition of her vast experience and leadership in the study of feng shui. She provides extensive consultancy work for a variety of corporations and organizations; and individuals, in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Prof Joe’s geomancy classes are popular in Malaysia among many associations and professional bodies, particularly those related to property development and real estate. Proficient in Mandarin and English, her classes are well received due to her jovial, professional and scientific teaching approach. She is a regular speaker at international property-related conferences and was in the judging panel for the 2016 Star Property Award. Her meticulous research in geomancy has also touched the lives of people as far away as England and Australia. Prof Joe’s geomancy classes have garnered her international recognition – she was awarded a Professorship by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Prof Joe’s passion is to ensure that feng shui is practiced with dignity and honesty and that the essence of the true teaching of the I-Ching is passed down to future generations.

  • Ray Ling

    A youthful life carries more opportunities and thus, we need enthusiasm; great enthusiasm will create great wealth and increase our self-worth at the same time. “Work is not life, but work can be a way of life.” This is my motto. From my early years as a businessman to today when I am an established entrepreneur, I have worked with great enthusiasm. I love my job, and treat it as my life. I blend my job into my life, and I put in all I have into my job. Simply put, I enjoy the happiness of working. When we love our work, we feel full of energy, and look at life in a positive way. As long as we keep an open heart, we can face obstacles and challenges easily. We would not feel depressed even when life doesn’t go as smoothly as we want. Instead, we would look at challenges as motivation to push us towards greater heights.

  • Sen Ze

  • Sen Ze & Jayne Ng

  • Sicola

  • Tan Yen Fong

    Editor-in-Chief of The Fame Media House. Author of bestseller Robert Kuok, The Belt & Road – Business Strategy for SMEs, and Senheng: Corporate Culture – The Engine of Growth. A veteran media practitioner, she was the Editor-in-Chief of The Entrepreneur Magazine. She also had a stint in the academic field when she was the adjunct lecturer at the Department of Media Studies of the New Era University College in Kajang. She later became an independent author and founded The Fame Media House with the objective of writing and publishing biographies of outstanding Malaysian entrepreneurs and enterprises. Her forte is financial and political writing, and she has edited numerous business journals, including KLISCCCI’s (The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry) 110th Anniversary Commemorative Publication. With a discerning eye and a unique point of view on current affairs and trends, she has interviewed numerous Malaysian political and business leaders during her illustrious career as a journalist. Currently, she is a contributing columnist to The China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau. Besides writing, Yen Fong is a Taoist cultural worker, registered under Taoism of Longhushan, Jiangxi. She founded Laozi Academy in Malaysia, promoting Taoist education and rites, and is also the author of Taoism Regimens – The True Colours of Life 《道教养生 – 生命的本来面目》.

  • Tham Chee Wah

  • Winnie Loo

    Winnie Loo is founder and director of A Cut Above, and leading hairstyling salon in Malaysian. She has been in this business for the last 26 years, and has won numerous awards for her untiring and creative ways in revolutionizing the hair industry, from the World of the Craft to MIFA awards.Today, she’s one of Malaysian’s most innovative business lady around. Ms Winnie Loo is synonymous with the hairstyling industry in Malaysia and helms the country’s most prestigious group of hair salons.Her achievements are most commendable, scaling the heights of fame and success in a field which has been predominantly dominated by men. At the tender age of 12, Winnie Loo was already experimenting as a hairstylist, combing and trimming hair – starting with her mother’s. In 1979, A Cut Above was born, with its first 428-square-foot salon located at Wisma MPI. Winnie’s interest in hair and fashion began when she was still in school. Upon completion of her secondary education, she left for London in 1976 to pursue an intensive course in hairstyling. Trained by the world’s best, including hair maestro Vidal Sassoon, she returned to Malaysia in late 1977. Today, a quarter of a century later, A Cut Above is one of the best-known brand names in the Malaysian hairstyling industry. The superior quality of work that the enterprise is known for and the inviting atmosphere at every one of its salons are the foundation of the remarkable success of A Cut Above. This indeed is the experience of clients each time they step into a A Cut Above salon.

  • Xeo Lye & Jonathan Quek

  • 戴义恩

  • 易林

  • 曹杰峰

    曹杰峰 • 《80后狠角色》趣味励志书作者 • 曾在《星洲日报》副刊和《ifeel》杂志刊载 • 曾在MY FM、ONE FM、Melody MF和Ai FM受访 • 在2012年9月在各大书局正式上架 • 《唱游KPOP大世界》韩流音乐旅游书作者 • 曾在《星洲日报》副刊、《ifeel》和《ENTER-E》网站杂志刊载 • 曾在MY FM有过长达5星期特备单元 • 曾在Melody MF受访 • 在2013年8月在各大书局正式上架 • 杂志编辑 • 《中国报》娱乐版“众乐乐”专栏作者 • 《星洲日报》HIGH星期天副刊“音场吟游”专栏作者 • 乐评人 • 部落客 • 前电视撰稿人

  • 曹杰峰 & 符琼音

    曹杰峰 • 《80后狠角色》趣味励志书作者 • 曾在《星洲日报》副刊和《ifeel》杂志刊载 • 曾在MY FM、ONE FM、Melody MF和Ai FM受访 • 在2012年9月在各大书局正式上架 • 《唱游KPOP大世界》韩流音乐旅游书作者 • 曾在《星洲日报》副刊、《ifeel》和《ENTER-E》网站杂志刊载 • 曾在MY FM有过长达5星期特备单元 • 曾在Melody MF受访 • 在2013年8月在各大书局正式上架 • 杂志编辑 • 《中国报》娱乐版“众乐乐”专栏作者 • 《星洲日报》HIGH星期天副刊“音场吟游”专栏作者 • 乐评人 • 部落客 • 前电视撰稿人 符琼音 • 2005年《Astro新秀大赛》亚军 • 2005年《TVB8全球華人新秀大賽》亞軍&動人音色大獎 • 2007年《爱卡拉歌唱大赛》冠军 • 2007年《正声广播之星超级巨星歌唱比赛》外籍组冠军 • 2008年三立电视&台湾电视《超級偶像2》亞軍 • 2010年浙江卫视《非同凡响》PK成功 • 2012年浙江卫视《我爱记歌词》PK成功 • 2013年三立电视《超級红人榜》PK成功 • 2013年中视主频道《超級歌喉赞》PK成功

  • 曹杰峰 林韵欣 陈念慈

  • 杨宝盛

  • 林韵欣

  • 梁志达

    学习营养是很快乐的过程,健康的人生也是快乐的人生。 我小时候体弱多病,从五岁起就几乎每个月看医生,打针吃药可谓是家常便饭,一直到17岁的时候请教中医调理后才明显好转。 1995年在一位老中医的指导下开始学习中医,1996年我带着问题去请教我的老师时,他的一句话给我影响非常大,他说,你觉得未来,人们是希望生病去看病,还是不要生病,是预防更重要还是治疗更重要?因此,我开始学预防医学,而预防医学很大的篇幅就是营养学,到现在已有10多年了。 而在学习的过程中,也深得很多老师的指导,一日为师终生为父,这些老师都值得我用一辈子去爱戴。如中国白求恩和平医院高伟教授,72岁的高龄的她,可以站着讲营养课两天两夜,没有厚实的营养基础是做不到的;中国协和医院的营养系主任余良珍教授教了我很多癌症的知识,如何用营养防癌治癌,让我受益良多;我也很荣兴接受了世界联合会糖尿病教员陈庆福医师的指导,教了我许多如何调理糖尿病的知识;祖传三代的中医师马丽教授教会了我有关神奇的经络医学及应用经络调理身心的本事; 2000年我考取了中国的营养师认证,我遇到了澳门的营养学大师张培光老师,他为我打开了重要的营养调理的大门;2002年到香港考取香港卫生署营养师认证,在认证考试培训时,遇到了谢立启博士,他有13年临床营养学经验,在美国攻读了10几年的临床医学,在营养学和医学上面都有很深的造诣,我在他身边学到了很多疾病的调理,也是他提升了我用营养素调理病症的能力。2003年到美国考取了营养师的认证,并在培训中也认识了在国际上营养学、医学声名远播的双料博士詹普斯.利普先生。 我在2002年成立了食疗研究机构,力求通过食疗帮助身边的亲人和朋友,我所调理的病症当中,从来没有用一粒药物,却取得了几千份的病例档案和超过1800份已调理好身体的资料档案。调理的病症有便秘、胃肠道疾病、失眠、高血压、糖尿病、心脏病、中风、肝炎、肾炎、白癫疯、牛皮癣、肥胖甚至癌症等。 2004年初电台邀请我为“我爱营养”栏目的长期特聘主讲嘉宾。这节目的开播带给了许多听众健康的知识,深受大众的喜爱,从每周一期到现在的每周五期,这档节目已成为当地收听率第一名的节目。2004年下半年开始,受马来西亚、新加坡和中国30多个城市的培训机构的邀请外出讲学达数百场之多,听众高达数万人。 回想过去的岁月,发现我是如此的幸运,不是最聪明的学生却得到了这么多恩师的青睐,所以我不敢持才自傲,只能是更用功的学习和更努力的付出,希望不辱恩师的教导之情。再次以感恩的心祝福恩师们身体安康,阖家幸福。同时祝福翻阅此书的您能从书中获得健康的道理,打开健康的大门。 而在学习的过程中,也深得很多老师的指导,一日为师终生为父,这些老师都值得我用一辈子去爱戴。如中国白求恩和平医院高伟教授,72岁的高龄的她,可以站着讲营养课两天两夜,没有厚实的营养基础是做不到的;中国协和医院的营养系主任余良珍教授教了我很多癌症的知识,如何用营养防癌治癌,让我受益良多;我也很荣兴接受了世界联合会糖尿病教员陈庆福医师的指导,教了我许多如何调理糖尿病的知识;祖传三代的中医师马丽教授教会了我有关神奇的经络医学及应用经络调理身心的本事; 2000年我考取了中国的营养师认证,我遇到了澳门的营养学大师张培光老师,他为我打开了重要的营养调理的大门;2002年到香港考取香港卫生署营养师认证,在认证考试培训时,遇到了谢立启博士,他有13年临床营养学经验,在美国攻读了10几年的临床医学,在营养学和医学上面都有很深的造诣,我在他身边学到了很多疾病的调理,也是他提升了我用营养素调理病症的能力。2003年到美国考取了营养师的认证,并在培训中也认识了在国际上营养学、医学声名远播的双料博士詹普斯.利普先生。 我在2002年成立了食疗研究机构,力求通过食疗帮助身边的亲人和朋友,我所调理的病症当中,从来没有用一粒药物,却取得了几千份的病例档案和超过1800份已调理好身体的资料档案。调理的病症有便秘、胃肠道疾病、失眠、高血压、糖尿病、心脏病、中风、肝炎、肾炎、白癫疯、牛皮癣、肥胖甚至癌症等。 2004年初电台邀请我为“我爱营养”栏目的长期特聘主讲嘉宾。这节目的开播带给了许多听众健康的知识,深受大众的喜爱,从每周一期到现在的每周五期,这档节目已成为当地收听率第一名的节目。2004年下半年开始,受马来西亚、新加坡和中国30多个城市的培训机构的邀请外出讲学达数百场之多,听众高达数万人。 回想过去的岁月,发现我是如此的幸运,不是最聪明的学生却得到了这么多恩师的青睐,所以我不敢持才自傲,只能是更用功的学习和更努力的付出,希望不辱恩师的教导之情。再次以感恩的心祝福恩师们身体安康,阖家幸福。同时祝福翻阅此书的您能从书中获得健康的道理,打开健康的大门。

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  • 盛子

  • 盛子 和 吴曦

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  • 股悦

  • 蔡兆源

  • 谢汶凯

    关于作者 谢汶凯与伙伴在2009年找到了生活的意义。在上了“富爸爸,穷爸爸”亚洲之行以后,他开始对货币与贵金属的直接关系感到震惊与兴奋。 于是,他与队友展开了一系列研究与分享的行动,并相信未来10年的金融局势将是不稳定与不可预测的;从而着手建立属于大马的公司,以达到更有效的推广方式。 从大马柔佛州起航,环视企业(Cycle & Trend Marketing)的成立目的,是为了做到更快、更有效的广而告之。通过不懈的学习与推广货币泛滥与原料储蓄的使命,并且建立一个平台,让人们能简单的获得国际级别的黄金和白银。 谢文凯的动力就是不懈的分享所学,挑战以往的“存钱”价值观。透过无私的分享,他祈望亲戚朋友与众人提高警惕,带着另一个思路来领悟货币系统对整个时代的演变所扮演的角色,其隐藏着的危机,与机会。 而他更希望的是,大马与区域人士不要被世界趋势所遗漏。

  • 郭淼泽 Koay Miao Duo

    The author, Koay Miao Duo has great interest in swiftlet farming industry. He started to participate in the research of swiftlet farming techniques when he was at the university. In year 2009 after graduated from the university with Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Entrepreneurship, he dedicated himself to the swiftlet farming field. He established the MDK Swiftlet Enterprise and after that registered the company as MDK Swiftlet Sdn Bhd. Besides providing different types of swiftlet farming equipments and inventing many innovative products which help in swiftlet farming, the company also helps many unsuccessful swiftlet farmers to find out the reasons and solve their problems. The practical results of the company have been recognized by the beneficiaries and give rise to the attention of swiftlet farmers. The author is also the popular blogger of High Technology Swiftlet Farming ( He has been sharing his swiftlet farming skills and own experiences with the readers for the past several years and he is very much revered by the readers and clients.

  • 陈圆凤

    《大观经典》主编、资深媒体工作者、中国报政论专栏作者、曾任《企业家》商业杂志主编、新纪元学院媒体系兼职讲师。现为独立作者,专业写作,创办“风行媒体传记工作室”,为我国企业及企业家立传。 曾主编多本多本财经商业专刊,包括《借势而为》及《隆雪中总110周年特刊》等,是财经及政治写作的一支建笔。深耕新闻工作多年,遍访我国政商界领袖,观察时事和趋势,有独到观点。 除了写作,她也是正统道教文化工作者,信仰道教。师承道教正一派,是中国江西龙虎山天师府授籙罗字辈弟子。创办老子学院,主办道教教育以及科仪活动,著有《道教养生——生命的本来面目》。

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  • 陈添伟

    2012 • 毕业于伦敦经济大学 • 创立Kingsley金融汇刊 • 出任首席分析师一职 2013 • 担 任 团 队 领 导 一 职 • 累 积 超 过 200场 演 说 • 线 上 与 线 下 学 员 超 过 5000人 2014 • 受 邀 至 各 大 书 局 常 驻 金 融 趋 势 讲 师 • 累 积 过 万 名 汇 刊 订 阅 读 者 • 精 英 团 队 培 训 师 2015 • 荣 获 《第 十 二 届 演 说 中 国 》第 一 名,成 为首位马来西亚“金 麦 ”得 主 • 出 版第 一本 投资书籍《蓝 红 货 币 七 步 交易 法》受 邀 至 富力地产做 趋 势 分享 • 连 续 10大 畅 销 书 作 者 受 邀 成 为 海 外 书 市 展 览 会 的 演 讲 嘉 宾 • 为 各 大 保 险 机 构 出 任 演 说 及 金 融 分 析 培 训 师,缔 精 英 团 体 2016 • 创办King’s Academy金融教育机构及国际金融分析频道 • 出任King’s Academy首席金融分析师 • 受邀至马来亚大学(UM)经济系担任分享嘉宾 • 企业家品牌经济专栏作家 • 受邀成为中农基金(香港)股东 2017 • 出 版 第 二 本 投 资 书 籍 《货 币 时 代 之 每 天 轻 松 获 利 300点 》 • 受 邀 至 拉 曼 大 学 (TARUC) 金 融 系 担 任 分 析 嘉 宾 • 受 邀 担 任 全 马 最 大 型 投 资 博 览 会 的 演 说 嘉 宾 • 突破1000场的分享和大众实战演说