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Aren’t we all aspiring individuals that hope to be a successful entrepreneur? Being successful no longer limits us to sit in an office of a corporation and work our way up the corporate ladder. NOW, we see people rising from nothing to something. In this week’s, topic, we will look into the mindset of a successful millionaire. Through the book Millionaire Mindset Blueprint by Derric Chew, we will highlight 5 mindsets that we think is noteworthy. Disclaimer! We do not endorse nor guarantee that quitting our 9-5 jobs will ensure success.


1. Patience is virtue

Ahh.. the classic phrase of patience is virtue. As one wise man once said, “Rome is not built in a day”. If Rome can’t be built in a day, what makes you think that your venture will be successful in a short period of time? Be patient and strategise your business smartly.


2. Control your Emotions

Emotions are one the toughest problem people try to overcome when it comes to doing businesses. It often happens in a scenario where the business was forced into dealing with a person that you personally dislike. That feeling of resentment may cause you to affect the business performance as you may not deal with the person you dislike. It is recommended to control your emotions and not let personal feelings affect your decision-making process!


3. Have an open ear

Always, always, ALWAYS keep an open ear. Instead of constantly speaking to people. Instead of always speaking to people, you should keep an open ear and listen to what others have to say. You will never know when you may catch some knowledge that you can use in your venture.


4.Willing to share

Sharing is a powerful force or virtue that most of us are not aware of. Sharing your knowledge, monetary or commodity can channel a flow of powerful force into the society. Though it is a belief, we believe that sharing with others bring virtue to ourselves and businesses.


5. Look into the future

Have a vision. The vision will guide you where you want to go. By having a vision, you will develop the motivation to chase after that vision.


The 5 points are taken from “Millionaire Mindset Blueprint” by Derric Chew. Read more by clicking the book.

Written by Ken Lim

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