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“I believe everyone can be a good investor. When it comes to stock investment, what matters is no longer paper qualifications but knowledge and experience.” – Kok Mun, 2012

What is this book about?

No matter whom you are, you will always want to get the best out of your investments. However, the public sees investing stock market resembles gambling which the public has already depicted that it is extremely risky. Ho Kok Mun begs to differ. The fact is, investment is not risky when you have proper knowledge and understanding.

In this book, Ho Kok Mun shows us how we can make money even in a falling market.


Why we chose this book?

This book shares in depth on the stock market and how we can make money even when the stock market is falling. In the book, Kok Mun insists on sharing with people that if you are interested in the stock market, you have to stock up on your knowledge bank before delving into the stock market.



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