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“A kind and honest person is a successful ‘businessman’. But in our context, it doesn’t mean that this person is earning ‘big money’ through business, but one who has successfully earned plenty of ‘friendships’.” – Tan Kai Hee, n.d.


In conjunction with the launch of Tan Kai Hee’s biography last month, we would like to feature a benevolent man.


What is this book about?

Explore the lives of Tan Kai Hee. The man behind Hai-O. From Tan fighting for survival in the war, the book explores the rise of a benevolent man who went through hard times to fight for what’s right to the rise of Hai-O and how he gives back to the people.

Why we choose this book?

This book exposes us to a man that loves the people more than himself. Through the book, we learnt that he is a generous man in providing help to the people in need. It has taught us to fight for what’s right and not conform to things we do not deem is right.

To learn more about Tan Kai Hee, click on the book below.





Written by Ken Lim

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