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Often, we hear our friends/relatives moving overseas. We also have friends/relatives that told us that moving overseas is not a good thing for them. Thus, we would love to highlight five perks and drawbacks that we may experience when we move out of the country.




1. Curriculum in Australia is more encouraging compared to in Malaysia

Children are able to learn in a more conducive environment as they are encouraged to pick up a subject of lesser interest instead of the teacher pointing finger at the child that the child is  “problematic”.


2. A more comfortable working culture

Instead of working long hours in Malaysia, the culture of working in Australia is shorter but still productive which means you can spend more time with your family while being productive too!




1. Missing good ol’ Malaysian Food!!! No more fat laden Nasi Lemak!!

Even though there is still Malaysian food in Australia, it will never be the same as compared to Malaysia! It is hurting to miss out on Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak and RENDANGGG (Not crispy rendang of course).


2.Struggling with employment

Getting employed is a struggle unless the migrant chose a job that runs on commission or jobs that does not want to be done by the locals.


3. The high cost of living

Purchase of goods and services are way higher compared to Malaysia. Migrant often struggle to sustain themselves in the first few years of migration if they do not have a plan.


The 5 points are taken from “Migrating to the West, Sure Meh..???” by Michael Soong and Ken Soong. Read more by checking the book out.


Written by Ken Lim

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