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郭淼泽 Koay Miao Duo

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The author, Koay Miao Duo has great interest in swiftlet farming industry. He started to participate in the research of swiftlet farming techniques when he was at the university. In year 2009 after graduated from the university with Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Entrepreneurship, he dedicated himself to the swiftlet farming field. He established the MDK Swiftlet Enterprise and after that registered the company as MDK Swiftlet Sdn Bhd.

Besides providing different types of swiftlet farming equipments and inventing many innovative products which help in swiftlet farming, the company also helps many unsuccessful swiftlet farmers to find out the reasons and solve their problems. The practical results of the company have been recognized by the beneficiaries and give rise to the attention of swiftlet farmers.

The author is also the popular blogger of High Technology Swiftlet Farming ( He has been sharing his swiftlet farming skills and own experiences with the readers for the past several years and he is very much revered by the readers and clients.