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Adrian Tan

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As a real estate negotiator, Adrian finds joy in
matching the perfect home for his customers.
However, during this process, he found that a lot
of homework goes behind the quest for a perfect
home for investors/home buyers and real estate negotiators alike, which sometimes
take weeks or month! With the recent focus of public transport policy in Malaysia, a
surge in interest for properties located near MRT/LRT transit lines has since emerged.
As such, Adrian decided to concentrate his efforts by consolidating all relevant data for
such properties in this book with an aim to ease the background work for all parties.

He spent more than two years studying the LRT and MRT network in Malaysia, identifying
and analyzing the effects of the transport system on properties. Besides publishing the
data of his findings through , he also shares his deeper
findings and consideration factors affecting property prices through workshops and
seminars. To date, hundreds of participants have benefited from his talks.