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Carol Yip

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Carol understands the financial psychology of human behaviour. This is why she has created unique keynote presentations, money skills workshops, professional financial coaching programs and corporate training are specially designed to allow for one’s self-discovery. Some of her unique topics:

• Family Wealth Legacy Creation
• Living Free With Effective Money Skills for adults
• How Parents Teach Kids To Be Smart Money-Users
• How to be a Smart Money-Wise Young Adult
• Understanding Your Financial Behaviour
• Trimming Your Debts – The Breakthrough!
• Smart Money-User Program for youth below age 21
• Smart Money Kid for kids below age 12

This Smart Money-User book is recognized as one of the recommended book for the Personal Financial Management module that is conducted in the universities in Malaysia.

As part of her work to promote the importance of personal financial literacy, Carol contributes articles, participates in media interviews, public talks to corporate, seminars and education institutions.

Carol is a Speaker for Asia Business Forum in Singapore and Hong Kong, Monash University Alumni, TEC Asia Centre, Business Network International (BNI) Conference 2007, The Malaysian Secretaries Conference 2007, The Genome Institute of Singapore.