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Chan Kee Siak & Ng Heng Thy

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Chan Kee Siak started humbly as a helper at his parents‟ hawker stall, and then enrolled in a local college (TARC) after the SPM (Malaysian O-Levels equivalent) while helping customers to repair PCs and building websites on a part-time basis to earn his tuition fees. As he discovered the potential of web-hosting and realized that there was a lack of web-hosting providers in Malaysia when building a website for his customers in the year 2000, at the tender age of 19, he decided to take advantage of the situation and set up his first e-Commerce reseller business, which was 100% Online-based: Business rolled in with hardly a break.

Chan grabbed the opportunity, which he described as a „once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity‟, and dropped out of college to concentrate on his online business. In the competitive world of web-hosting, Chan has had a challenging time increasing market share and competing with web-hosts from all over the world. As web-hosting is a commodity business and all competitors were selling identical products, Chan decided to break through, and gave his company the competitive edge by value-adding his products. In 2002, Exabytes Network under Chan‟s leadership won its first award, „100 Most Dynamic Hosting Companies‟. Chan‟s customer base exceeded 10,000 only four years after the inception of his company. In 2005, Exabytes became the biggest web-hosting provider in Malaysia, a position it still holds.

Today, Exabytes serves more than 60,000 customers in 121 countries, and manages over 1,000 servers with 60,000 registered domains. Besides the achievement of MSC Status obtained in 2005 and ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2011, on Exabytes‟ 10th anniversary, Chan was honoured as one of the top 30 „Outstanding Young Malaysians‟ (TOYM) as well as „Emerging Entrepreneur‟ in Ernst & Young‟s Entrepreneur of the Year 2011® Malaysia.


Ng Heng Thye is the founder of, an English-learning website targeted at those who received their education in Chinese schools. An avid reader, his interests include business, biographies, humanities, and languages.

Holding to his conviction, “Never afraid to be different,” Heng Thye did not take the conventional path and is today a creative/commercial writer, book Author, and English teacher. In writing, he seeks to inspire through stories using simple language instead of sending direct messages to his readers as he believes that “To teach is to inspire.”

Today, he works as a freelance creative / commercial writer cum copywriter for Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd. and is co-owner of other businesses.