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Jerome Tan

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The failure of my business put me in great debt and I had to declare for bankruptcy. It was hard during the initial period, even my wife left me. Eventually, I realized that it was not the end of life for me. Instead, bankruptcy offered me a way to start all over again. From that moment on, I resolved to learn all that I can from the people around me. I began attending a number of seminars and kept a humble heart, learning from people who are more successful, and I seized every opportunity to come my way; and I was well on the path towards my own success.

Today, I am a co-founder of 7 businesses and owned properties that are worth millions of dollars. On hindsight, the hardship I endured was not in vain as I am now given an opportunity to add values to the society and the people around me. This is also the reason behind this book — is to provide inspirations to all my readers, if I can do it despite my circumstances, I am certain all of us are able too. We are blessed because we have a life, I strongly believe nothing is impossible if you wanted it to happen!