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Ray Ling

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A youthful life carries more opportunities and thus, we need enthusiasm; great enthusiasm will create great wealth and increase our self-worth at the same time.

“Work is not life, but work can be a way of life.” This is my motto.

From my early years as a businessman to today when I am an established entrepreneur, I have worked with great enthusiasm. I love my job, and treat it as my life. I blend my job into my life, and I put in all I have into my job.

Simply put, I enjoy the happiness of working.

When we love our work, we feel full of energy, and look at life in a positive way. As long as we keep an open heart, we can face obstacles and challenges easily. We would not feel depressed even when life doesn’t go as smoothly as we want. Instead, we would look at challenges as motivation to push us towards greater heights.