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Winnie Loo

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Winnie Loo is founder and director of A Cut Above, and leading hairstyling salon in Malaysian. She has been in this business for the last 26 years, and has won numerous awards for her untiring and creative ways in revolutionizing the hair industry, from the World of the Craft to MIFA awards.Today, she’s one of Malaysian’s most innovative business lady around. Ms Winnie Loo is synonymous with the hairstyling industry in Malaysia and helms the country’s most prestigious group of hair salons.Her achievements are most commendable, scaling the heights of fame and success in a field which has been predominantly dominated by men.

At the tender age of 12, Winnie Loo was already experimenting as a hairstylist, combing and trimming hair – starting with her mother’s. In 1979, A Cut Above was born, with its first 428-square-foot salon located at Wisma MPI.

Winnie’s interest in hair and fashion began when she was still in school. Upon completion of her secondary education, she left for London in 1976 to pursue an intensive course in hairstyling. Trained by the world’s best, including hair maestro Vidal Sassoon, she returned to Malaysia in late 1977.

Today, a quarter of a century later, A Cut Above is one of the best-known brand names in the Malaysian hairstyling industry. The superior quality of work that the enterprise is known for and the inviting atmosphere at every one of its salons are the foundation of the remarkable success of A Cut Above. This indeed is the experience of clients each time they step into a A Cut Above salon.