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Our forte in publishing

In Ideas, Creative and Design Conceptualisation
Our emphasis as a publisher is on quality rather than quantity.We do not publish mass quantities of titles every year. Instead, we carefully select the works we want to publish, and then invest all our resources as efficiently and effectively as we can so that each title we publish gets the special treatment it deserves. We take great pride in each and every book we publish, and we endorse it with our name and reputation. Creative and innovative cover designs, book layout and ideas conceptualization are our core business competencies. No two book covers or layout are the same –every book cover and layout has its unique effects and feel, which we believe captivates the market and excites our readers.

Authors come to us with manuscripts in their hands or in their minds as business associates, and end up our very dear friends. We guide them through every single stage of the publishing process. Our greatest pride and satisfaction is seeing the happy and satisfied faces of our authors, when their dream of becoming a published author finally comes true.

In Editorial
We area a tri-lingual publishing company – we publish in Bahasa Melayu, English and Mandarin. With our team of publishing professionals, we are well positioned to publish any work in any of these languages.

In Production, Distribution, Marketing and Promotion
Whether the author is an individual or a corporate entity, we work closely with each on promoting the published works through various sales distribution channels such as or other websites, and consistent promotions at bookstores nationwide. Promotion and publicity are the key to raising awareness once a book is published – its success depends on the combined efforts of both the author and the publisher. We support our authors in organizing book launches and book talks at major events like the annual Popular Bookfest, and seminars, thus creating a ‘four-win’ (win-win-win-win) situation for author, publisher, bookstores and readers.

How to publish a book with us…
As a full-fledged book publisher, we maintain the highest standards from the moment we receive a manuscript. In post publications, we have direct access to all bookstores nationwide, enabling us to build a sound relationship with bookstores. Having a direct account with all major bookstores enables us to serve bookstore needs and stock requirements and replenishment even faster.

Nowadays, authors are looking beyond just getting a book out on the book shelves. We understand our author’s needs, as becoming a published author is about building, enhancing and solidifying personal or corporate branding. We have the resources and experience to value-add to help you get the most out of brand philosophies and to express them through quality books. Wait no longer for a commercial publisher to pick up your manuscript and offer you a publishing contract — we are here ready to help.

We understand that the publishing process can be tedious, time-consuming, sometimes even confusing for authors. Hence, we are here to help and add value in the process, by making the publishing process a smooth, exciting journey, and most importantly, to free up our authors’ time so that they can focus on what they do best.

Publishing can be simplified as a process with four steps:-

1) Positioning, ‘Angle’ and Planning for the book
This is the first stage, and we consider it a crucial stage. We discuss to seek and understand the author’s objective, specific needs, wants and how best to position the publication so that it will not be seen or perceived to be just ‘another book’on the shelves.We also want to answer all the author’s questions and concerns, from royalty payment, distribution, marketing – the whole nine yards on how to get a book published. It is pertinent as well for us to get to know an author better so that we can understand better where he or she is coming from, what his/her needs are as well as his/her plans the book in order to come up with a complete marketing plan and execute an effective strategythat will best extract and express the author’s brand philosophy to ensure his/her book is a success. We effectively become the author’s publishing consultant to support him/her from editorial structure and content of the book to cover creation and feel of the completed book.

2) Manuscript Preparation, start of cover and layout design
This is the stage of detailed preparation for the completion of the manuscript according to the highest possible standards. The process includes writing, copyediting, illustration, cover design, internal book layout and proof-reading. We liaise closely and keep the author updated on progress. If the author needs support in professional writing, copyediting, proofreading or translating the manuscript, we provide these services as well.

3) Printing
Once the author’s approval for the book’s final text and layout has been received, we send the work to our printer to print the books according to the Publisher agreed quantity and quality. A timeline for printing completion will be agreed on.

4) Marketing, Distribution and Promotion
When the books are fresh out from printer, our marketing team will start working on just two crucial matters – promotion and sale of the book. We don’t merely look at ourselves as a publishing house, but more as a Publishing and marketing company. We firmly believe that a book that meets the highest standards of content and publishing when coupled with strong marketing and distribution channels will be a success.

More and more organizations are looking to outsource the production of their publications; we do offer specialized publishing, so that you can focus on your core business and leave the time consuming but importantwork of publishing to the professionals.

At Kanyin Publications, we leverage on one of our company’s core competencies in editorial and design, and therefore can work with organisations as an outsourced partner to publish corporate publications such as coffee table books,annual reports, bulletins, commemorative books, directories, newsletters, etc.