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“Sugar King. It’s just a catchy title” – Robert Kuok, n.d.


It’s the month of Malaysia Day! In conjunction with it, we would like to feature our read of the month, Robert Kuok, the man from the Council of Eminent Persons in Malaysia

What is this book about?

This book shares Kuok’s life stories from his business ethics to his empire that he has built in his life. However, the book does not revolve around his money making capabilities but his virtues – his avenues to success.

Why this book?

This book shares a little of Malaysia’s history through the stories of Kuok. Even though Kuok operates his business overseas, he never forgets his roots which is Malaysia. His patriotism never wavered, and he is indeed a figure that is highly respected.


To know more about Robert Kuok, click the book below.


Chinese Version:

Written by Ken Lim

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