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“My partnership with Kanyin started in 2009.  When my first manuscript reached Kanyin Publication then, Mr. Adrian Kok replied me within a week and was sincerely inviting me for further discussion.  When we met up, Mr. Kok explained to me the strengths and weaknesses of my work and provided me his professional advices which has make my first book a great success.  Even until now, I am still very much impressed by his enthusiasm.  With this invaluable relationship, in November 2012, my third book with Kanyin, which is entitled “FREEDOM”, is going to be on shelf in all major bookstores around the country.   I am really happy to have Kanyin as my partner on my career on book writing.  Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank Kanyin for its job well done and happy 10th anniversary.”

Lai Seng Choy 
Author of “Infinite Wealth”, “无限的财富” and “FREEDOM” 

“I felt comfortable and honoured collaborating with Kanyin Publications!
With more than 10 years of experience and understanding of the market, I am glad to have met the vibrant team at Kanyin Publications.

The initial process from advising on the script to the end product of the book is of tremendous value!

Sincere appreciation from me and my company and fly high Kanyin! Let’s all be greater!! Thank you!”

Edmund Chia
Author of 《白银》

“My relationship with the Kanyin Books team began in the Summer of 2011 when we were introduced through a mutual author and friend. After the editing team at Kanyin reviewed my manuscript I was pleased to receive an invitation from the president to discuss working together!

I flew to Kuala Lumpur and met with the Kanyin Books executive team for many hours. They had reviewed my whole manuscript in only a few short weeks and had pages and pages of notes, ideas, and feedback to help re-write the book to fit well within the Malaysia & Singapore market. Based on this exciting meeting and their interest in my writing, I spent nearly six months doing re-writes and making improvements to my book.

Fast forward to today and I am very pleased to say that the finished book looks amazing! The cover design that the Kanyin team came up with really captures the essence of the book and everyone I’ve talked to says it’s really eye-catching.

Now that the book is out in the market, the Kanyin team became even more active and has opened up many speaking and promotional opportunities at such esteemed events as BookFest@Malaysia and with Kinokuniya bookstores around the country.

All in all, I am very thankful to have such a dedicated team supporting my book and helping me share my message with the world!”

Jesse Krieger
Author of “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”

“Kanyin Publications has gone an extra mile as the publisher of my book! Being a novice author on top of my many other duties at work and family, Kanyin Publications has helped to make my book publishing a joyful project instead of stress commonly found among the beginners.  They surpassed my expectation in terms of editing, book cover, layout of the book, choice of the book title and most importantly far exceeded my wish of book release before Christmas season which seemed quite an unreasonable request given the shortage of time.  You guys are simply magician who helped to make my dream come true.”

Amy Yip
Author of “Millionaire Parents, Millionaire Sons”

“The team at Kanyin Publications, led by Adrian, is very knowledgeable in publishing industry.  They have been supportive of my books ever since I started working with them in year 2004.  Humble, friendly and responsive, are few of their strengths.  It has been a great pleasure knowing them.”

Ho Kok Mun
Author of NATIONAL BESTSELLER “How to Make Money from Your Stock Investment even in a Falling Market”

“Kanyin Publications is an absolute pleasure to work with. Adrian and Carol both demonstrate utmost professionalism which is uniquely coupled with a warm personal approach. They make book publication a possible reality for many aspiring writers. This empowerment not only facilitates individual achievement but also has crucial contribution to the development of the loco-regional writing industry.”

Tang Teck Nguong
Author of “It’s Your Life, You Call the Shots!”

“Time passed by just too quickly and my autobiography “True Grit and a Pair of Scissors” has been on the bookstand since June 2005. This would not have made possible if not for Adrian Kok of Kanyin Publications who has helped realized my dreams and have also pushed my career to another new level. His professional approach and advice of my success story to be published was indeed the best Media publicity decision I have ever made. Having a business entrepreneur book has helped me reached out to a different set of people and readers too. My career path was never the same anymore. I have the chance to meet many authors along the way and also to give talks at book fairs too. Adrian’s diligence has seen him leading Kanyin Publications growing with more titles and more authors and I am really proud of him for his determinations.  I am really honoured after so many years that I am still invited to express my heart felt thoughts. I like to take the opportunity to congratulate Kanyin for your continuous success and the brand new relaunch website that many of us will be waiting for. All the very best and continue to shine.”

Winnie Loo
Chief Creative Director
A Cut Above Group of Salons and Academy

“Working with Kanyin is a pleasant journey!  Kanyin is excellent in designing and packaging our books. The cover design is brilliant and has exceeded our expectations. Kanyin made sure that our books are well-marketed with their aggressive promotions in major bookstores such as Popular, Borders, Kinokuniya and MPH Bookstores nationwide. Kanyin has strong relationships with major bookstores and thus, giving us many opportunities to work hand-in-hand with them in promoting our books. Kanyin is friendly and the journey with them together has been an awesome ride!  Thank You, Kanyin!”

Ian Tai & Scott Choo
Authors of “Silver: How to create and grow your wealth in god-made money instead of man-made money”

Good day!
The team at Kanyin has a clear vision once they took a look at my manuscript.  Immediately, I was advised to enhance my book content with two extra chapters and also to include pictures of my travels.  When I saw the design of the book cover, I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to conceptualize all my ideas and made it graphically so attractive.  The next step was marketing, this was the moment of truth.  Kanyin Publications did a great job by working closely with the local bookstores.  I gave many book talks at book fairs arranged throughout the year and I was able to promote them to my friends who turned up to make the event even merrier, helping with the sales too.  The response I received through readers’ email gave me the confidence that I’ve selected a responsible publisher I will continue to work with.  Thank you so much!

Tham Chee Wah
Author of “Invite Freedom Home” 

Working with Kanyin has been a true pleasure. The first thing that strikes me about them is the level of passion they have for the book industry. Kanyin is truly committed to bringing out the best books from Malaysian authors to the readers. They made the whole process hassle-free for me. I could just concentrate fully on my writing without worrying about design or distribution. Kudos to the Kanyin team. I definitely look forward to publishing with you again.

Luke Bong
Author of “Entrepreneur DNA”

Kanyin is the way to go…..if you want your book published and distributed very quickly nationwide !

Howard Khoo
Author of “Street Wisdom of Successful Businesses (Street Kung Fu)”  

其实当我写好我的书时,我有尝试联络很多的出版社,Kanyin 是最快回复我的出版社。这是我的第一本书,很多事情我都不懂,Kanyin 的负责人很有耐心为我讲解出版一本书需要做的事情。Kanyin 的服务很好,我住在柔佛州,除了第一次我需要上去雪兰莪和负责人见面外(这是Kanyin出版社一个必须要做到的要求,因为他们要了解作者出书的目的)其他时候,Kanyin 都没有让我麻烦和为难,他们都给我很好的配合。跟Kanyin合作真的很好,我只需要做好我自己的本份——写好我的书,后续的事情,如书的设计,行销通路等,我都不必烦恼,Kanyin 都会一一为我解决。最后,当我成功出版我的书后,Kanyin 也没有忘记我,还会时常为我制造一些上台分享自己知识的机会。

谢谢Kanyin出版社及祝Kanyin 15岁生日快乐

杨宝盛    《期货投机》 作者

Adrian has been super helpful in bringing my prototype book into its final form today. Super glad to have him help me bridge the gap from self-printing into proper bookstores. Thank you for the support, Kanyin!

Adrian Tan 
Author of “Next Station- MRT Line 1 and 2”  


Kingsley Tan 
King’s Academy CEO




畅销书《郭鹤年》、《一带一路— —中小企业商机大战略》及《SENHENG成长之动力— —企业文化》作者

Kanyin has published 2 books for me, and I’ve been delighted with their care and professionalism. In each case, I’ve been offered good help by Adrian and his team, and the results have been amazing. The team has been honest, professional, and extremely efficient. Thanks, Kanyin!

Jonathan Quek 
Author of “Keep Investment Simple and Stupid- How to Invest Like an Idiot and Trade Like a Pro” and “5 Elements of Successful Investors” 

I want to thank Adrian and Kanyin Publications for the opportunity to publish my own book, “Crushing It!”. The working relationship was seamless and friendly, and near hassle free! Your in-house designer did a fantastic job with the cover design, and that cemented its fierce branding! (Thanks to your designer, amazing!)…

Edmund Loh
Author of “Crushing It”

It has been a wonderful relationship with Kanyin Publications since my first book was published in 2012. Adrian and Natalie provided valuable feedback on how to do it right, making sure my book published in best possible way. As of now, total I’ve successfully published three books with Kanyin Publications.

Derric Chew 
Author of “Internet Millionaire Mindset” and “Millionaire Mindset Blueprint” 

From my very first casual meeting over coffee, to the very last time I caught up with all at Kanyin over a lovely luncheon to celebrate the perfectly smooth launch of “Malaya’s Grand Lady of Medicine”, everyone consistently placed their best professional foot forward. I’m glad to recommend Kanyin Publications as a first-class publisher with a personal charm that few others pass to get your book out and selling.

Dr.Jacquelyn Soo 
Author of “Malaya’s Grand Lady of Medicine” 

Congratulations Kanyin Publications, for thriving the last 15 years. May God’s faithfulness continues to see you through. Better years are ahead of you!

David Ong
Author of “Thrust” 
President and Founder of Reapfield Properties Sdn. Bhd

Congratulations to Adrian and his team at Kanyin as they celebrate their 15th year.

I first met Arian when my former employment was planning to publish their first book and through the years of knowing Adrian, I found him to be a man who is passionate about showcasing the success stories of our local Malaysian entrepreneurs. By his company, he is able to provide a platform for these people to share their stories. Through this, he is helping to change the mindset of many Malaysians that success is achievable no matter what background, colour, age or circumstances we come from.

Thanks Adrian for helping us to see success from the Malaysian perspective.

Wilson Wong
Founder of Westhub
Real Estate Trainer | Coach | Consultant | Public Speaker

Kanyin Publication’s 15th anniversary offers us an occasion to look at the secrets behind their success and provides insights into succeeding not only in business but in life.  Against all odds, just after the dotcom bubble burst, Adrian, put in his life savings and launched Kanyin. Driven by their belief in Asian talents and with a vision to provide a platform for Asian authors, he soldiered on with tenacity. They provided the inspirational compilation of business philosophy of some of Asia’s top business leaders such as that of Jack Ma , whilst opening doors for other business leaders to share their stories. They brought to us not only valuable lessons but also a virtual council of Asian advisers. With their passion and tireless efforts I believe we will see the emergence of more Asian authors that would be sought after both in Asia and globally.

David Wong
Former Tupperware Vice President for South East Asia

Big applause and congratulations to Kanyin Publications founder, Adrian Kok. He had gone through numerous ups and downs in the industry, and his sole mission to humbly form a platform for more local authors to write for Asean market, which eventually leads him to today’s success. Bravo!

Mr. Ervin Chin and Ms. Bay Pui Ling 
Directors of InetolGifts Sdn. Bhd. 

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Kanyin Publications,  Adrian Kok and his very capable team on their 15th year Anniversary as a publishing house.

I really salute the grit and determination plus a lot of hard work that turn the almost one-man show business to the success it is today.  Kanyin Publication can boost of many bestsellers under its portfolio of successful publications – one of which is the JobStreet Career Guide that Kanyin helped us published and launched in 2014. This book went on to be a best seller and was found in all major bookstores. It had really boost our branding and we could not have done it so well with the guidance of Adrian Kok.

Congratulations, Kanyin Publication. You are a shining example that no dream is too big when it is fuelled by passion and determination. I wish you many more years of success and look forward to the impact you will have on the local and regional publishing industry.

Simon Si
Head Regional Communications of SEEK ASIA